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Firearm Appraisals at Gunsports

Want to know more about your firearms? Need an accurate value for insurance?

With over 140 years of firearms experience Gunsports Inc. can give you an accurate value of your firearms in just a few minutes. We pride ourselves on having an acute knowledge high-end antique, collectible and vintage firearms. We are active gun collectors and as such have unique insights into all kinds of guns. Colt, Winchester, Smith &: Wesson, Henry and more modern firearms like Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom, Les Baer, Ed Brown, Accuracy International: we have experience with a wide variety of all types of specialty firearms. It would be our pleasure to evlauate and give and accurate estimate of your firearms worth at any time. No appointment or fee necessary.

Military Arms

It is no secret the evolution of guns closely follows that of the Military. As a group of gun collectors we appreciate and respect the guns of our fathers. Whether it be the American Civil War, World War I, II, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm or Afghanistan/Iraq the firearms proven in battle are the best to protect your home, family or self. This is why we collect and study the iconic firearms of the past and present like the Sharps Carbine, Winchester Lever Rifle, Colt Peace Maker, 1903, M1911, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M2 Machine Gun, M14, M16, M4, M40 to name a few.... These are the firearms that shaped the world and inspired the design of almost every modern gun.

Simply bring in your firearms unloaded and one of our experts would be happy to research and discuss the value of your firearms.