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Gun Transfers at Gunsports

We are more than happy to transfer firearms for our customers. Sending or receiving we are your one stop shop. Whether you need your rifle in Colorado for an Elk hunt, or your pistol shipped to California for an IPSC / USPSA match we are happy to ship / transfer you gun to wherever you need.

Having a firearm sent to you?

To receive a firearm/receiver for transfer to you our fee is $20.00 per firearm/receiver. If transferring more than 2 firearms/receivers it is $10.00 per firearm/receiver.

Sending a firearm?

The same rates apply but shipping is additional and is quoted on the spot (typically $30.00 for handguns or long guns)

Class III Transfers

As an SOT/Class III dealer we are more than happy to assist you in transferring an NFA item to yourself or your trust. This service is all inclusive and we charge a $100 fee.