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The Gunsports Story

There is a difference between a gun-owner and a marksmen/women. Gun owners own a firearm for several reasons: protection, sport, hunting etc. Marksmen/women take firearm ownership to the next level by actively participating in shooting sports, hunting, defensive training, or personal protection by their own hand.

This is the reason Gunsports Incorporated was formed.

We are what happens if you take a combined 180 years of shooting experience, in all disciplines from Sporting Shotgun, to Precision Rifle, to IPSC/USPSA Pistol, and even Law Enforcement then combined them into a retail store. Here is where you get real-world advice based on the expert experience of the staff. Our current customers already know the answer: you get the best gun shop in country, based in the most competitive gun market in the country.

The owner Taylor Lee, has been a competitive shooter, gun collector and tinkerer for the last 20 years. Many of our customers know him from Cabelas where he was the Gun Library Manager from 2013 to 2015. Even more know him from competition shooting in PRS, 3-Gun and USPSA. He is one of the lucky few who have turned their passion into their profession. Gunsports Incorporated was opened in May of 2017 to fill what he saw as a void in the market in Louisville, KY.

It our my steadfast goal to be a knowledge resource for all shooters of any background from beginner to professional. We exist to promote shooting sports, responsible firearms ownership and the safe and meaningful training of firearms use. We don’t want to be the only gun store you shop with, we just want to be the finest one you shop with.

Stop by today and see why Gunsports is different than any other shop in Louisville.